Nina Simone - A Musical Life

Nina Simone - A Musical Life



Presented by Bonnie Lee Galea

“Goddess of the Piano” and “High Priestess of Soul”, Nina Simone was never afraid to use her music and lyrics to challenge hearts and change minds. Born in 1933, she was playing piano by four years of age. By the early 1950s, she was singing in New York City jazz clubs, mesmerizing audiences with her unique style blending popular, gospel, folk, blues songs and classical elements.  

Don't Let Her Be Misunderstood, the music will Put a Spell On You and you will leave Feelin' Good.

See the show. Hear the stories. Feel the music.  

South Australia's Jazz in Cheek Quartet pays homage to the exceptional Nina Simone, featuring Bonnie Lee Galea (voice) Richard Coates (keys) Quinton Dunne (double bass) Steve Todd (drums and percussion).

Complimentary drink on arrival thanks to John Gehrig Wines.

Antipasto platters - available for purchase, individual serve, $18.00.

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Important Information
Session Info: 6pm
Date: Saturday 29 April 2023
Cost: $25 Full, $18 Member, $22 Group 4+, $15 Member group 4+
Duration: 80 minutes (with interval)
General Info: All ages
Bookings: Tickets available by phone in person or online

*Online ticket sales are generally available up until two hours prior to the start of each show.

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